Embrace the future of banking, redefine financial possibilities

Innovate, Validate, Launch, and Manage Banking Products.

Empower your product innovation with Vegapay's DIY platform, tailoring a diverse range of offerings to meet customer demands. From dynamic rewards credit cards to configurable loan accounts, create bespoke products that resonate with your target market.






Modular BNPL

Personalized Rewards at Scale, Drive Loyalty and Retention

Seamlessly integrate a sophisticated rewards layer into your products, driving excitement and loyalty through personalised incentives. Harness data-driven insights to deliver tailored and impactful rewards, keeping your customers delighted and coming back for more.

Frictionless Onboarding, Effortless Experience

Streamlined onboarding made effortless through our intuitive platform. Automate and simplify every step, from verification to setup, for a hassle-free experience that saves time for customers and financial institutions alike.

7 steps to go live

Effortlessly configure all product policies using Vegapay's maker-checker approver flow, ensuring adherence to your organisation's requirements and compliance standards.

Leverage Vegapay's flexible workflow configuration options to craft personalised user onboarding flows and create distinct customer cohorts, delivering tailored experiences.

Delight and incentivize your customers with captivating experiences that go beyond the ordinary.

Leverage Vegapay's intuitive platform to create a visually stunning and user-friendly app interface that provides an exceptional user experience.

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive simulation of the user experience, ensuring flawless functionality, and uncovering any potential areas for optimisation before going live.

Optimise operational workflows with Vegapay's robust back-office suite. Empower your team to efficiently manage and oversee all aspects of your banking products with ease and precision.

With a single click, seamlessly transition from setup to launch with Vegapay, empowering your customers with innovative banking products.